Tai Chi 32-zwaardvorm

Blad1: De eerste 16 stappen

Naar Blad2....

1 - Three Rings around the moon
2 - The big Dipper
3 - The swallow skims across the water
4 - Block and sweep to the right
5 - Block and sweep to the Left
6 - Searching the sea
7 - Holding the moon
8 - The bird returns to the tree at dusk
9 - The black dragon whips his tail
10 - The green dragon emerges from the water
11 - Turning around and carrying the sword
12 - The lion shakes his mane
13 - The tigress holds her head
14 - The wild horse leaps over the creek
15 - Cutting upward in a left empty stance
16 - Scooping the moon from the bottom of the sea

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